About Us.

Who We Are

A brief description on Ourselves

We are very proud to introduce ourselves that we the leading manufacture in key tag manufactory in Sri Lanka. Our annual output production is nearly one million.

In this variety of key tag products. In additional to that, we are capable of manufacturing pen holders (with company name), plastic badges, toys, compliment items, Thermoplastic (TPE) products and specialist in transparent item manufacturing. We can manufacture any Injection molding items.

Stainless steels, key tags which are needed for any establishment Hotels, Office, schools are undertaken made and supplied and fixing. We make these needs in engraving and embossing methods.

We undertaken to fulfil the demands of

  • Ceramic mug printing, (also magic mugs)

To the range of one color to four color printing, as well we do,

  • Screen printing,
  • T-shirt printing,
  • Pen printing,
  • Visiting cards holders, (with your company name)
  • Offset printing,
  • Pen holders with clock,
  • Greetings holders,

And orders are undertaken by us.

A brief introduction on Me

I who was born in an ordinary family in Gothatuwa village of Kolonnawa on 23rd of June 1974 studied up to general certificate of Education (O/L) class in the vidya wardena Maha Vidyalaya Wellampitiya.

Even at the time of my schooling I helped my father who was engaged in collecting of unusable polyethylene and selling the said polyethylene so collected being cleaned and washed to the Recycling center of polyethylene . I joined my father after my school in selling those polyethylene . With the lapse of time, we gradually improved our knowledge and experience, and for the first time my father participated joined the process of raw materials disposed by INTER PLAST ASIA COMPANY in Wellampitiya.

In that company unusable plastics and other dumped item we sort out, the plastic verities that can be sold out of the said unusable item. There were HDPEI, PP, LDP, PVC, HIPS, GPPS, LLDP, raw materials in those bulk stocks. During that period I gained 100% knowledge in sorting out and identification of plastic verities.

With the experience so gained I stepped forward and I was able to sell at the standard level and quality of Granulator (crusher) 5HP being crushed them again. After that plastic goods which were kept in garbage heaps were collected and purchased and it was recycled and sells them very successfully. After that I made a palate machine (low cost) (palatizer) and I could sell palate in all 3 types of LDP, HDP, PP, with out put of 25kg, per hour. I could improve this manufactured palatizer machines too. In addition to this Granulator, compactor, Hand machine were manufactured.

After that I engaged in the manufacture process of injection molding and first I purchased injection molding machine and thereby I manufactured, conduit clips, T-socket, junction box, some plastic parts needed for three wheel and use to sell them.

In the year 2001 we could manufacture LPG Gas caps at lowest price which are needed for Mundo Gas Company. At the time when the said gas company is ready to buy the said gas cap each of RS; 7/50 for Cents 0.40 in high standard and quality. Thus we became and reputed standard of the business world and we were so famous among the business community.

After that I proceeded abroad and came back to sri lanka in 2008 with ample knowledge and experience so in overseas I could got higher technology and the remarkable knowledge that I have gained within sri lanka could share among the international community and they very appreciate my skills in technology. The international community was so surprised a small lad in a small country in Sri Lanka about my creations. A super position was taken to use processing knowledge in taking the usage of recycle material in Non-woven industry to elevate to a highest of 30% to the level up to 45% the superficial skill that I have gained is my capacity to quilted goods at low cost. After that I stepped down to manufacture plastic key tags. By this moment we have became the sole distributor and manufacture of this variety of plastic key tags.

Thanks for you,

Prabath wickramasinghe